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Organisational wellbeing

Articles, videos and resources on organisational wellbeing.

Self-isolation and mental health

An article from two lecturers in mental health at the Robert Gordon University, Scott Macpherson and Dan Warrender. In this article they look at techniques and tools for dealing with anxiety and challenges during this crisis and why the behaviours of ourselves and others may not be the same as normal."

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How managers can support workplace mental wellbeing

Advice for Managers and team leaders rom NHS web-site about how managers can support workplace mental well-being

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The feeling of helplessness in the context of the pandemic

Dr. Karen Treisman discusses the feeling of helplessness and powerlessness in this video and why it can be a common experience in the current context of the pandemic.

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Covid-survival modes and resurfacing past traumas - falling down a memory time hole

A video by Dr. Karen Treisman discussing how the experiences being felt during the pandemic can be retriggering and resurfacing past traumas and feelings and sending people down a time hole.

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Organisational defences

A video by Dr. Karen Treisman discussing organisational defences

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