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Caring for your mental health and wellbeing

There is no health without good mental health, and we know that for those who work in caring roles their own mental health and wellbeing can be compromised due to the impact of supporting those who have experienced difficult, distressing and / or traumatic life experiences. 

The ability to tolerate distress allows us all to be with’ distress: actively remaining present to listen and feel able to work out with the child, young person, family member or carer what might be helpful for them.

It is therefore of critical importance that as individuals we take time for our self whether that be through reflection, supervision or self-care. Remember – you cannot pour from an empty cup! 

Contained within this section are learning and practical resources to support your own wellbeing - both physical and mental. We have also uploaded the Barnardo’s #Well-beingWednesday blogs, as well as other tools, which may support your own individual or team reflective practices. All of these resources have been reviewed by mental health and wellbeing professionals to ensure they meet governance and assurance requirements.

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