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Resources to support children and young people’s mental health

Contained within this section are learning and practical resources from Dr. Karen Triesman, a plethora of Barnardo’s Children and Family Services, as well as information from other organisations who support children, young people and their families/ carers.

According to the Parent-Infant Foundation, the first 1001 days include pregnancy and the first two years of a child's life. There is clear, compelling evidence that this is a significant and influential phase in development. This is an age of opportunity. What happens during this period lays the foundation for every child’s future health, wellbeing, learning and earnings potential. It sets the groundwork for children’s developing emotional wellbeing, resilience and adaptability; the competencies they need to thrive. 

One in ten children – that’s around three in every classroom - has a diagnosable mental health problem2, and one in four have experienced emotional distress3.

The scale of these statistics may, at times, be difficult to comprehend, but what we must remember when supporting children, young people and their families is the importance placed on exploring, ‘What matters to them!’ & ‘What works for them!’ – There is no one size fits all answer!

All of these resources have been reviewed by mental health and wellbeing professionals to ensure they meet governance and assurance requirements


1. Green, H., McGinnity, A., Meltzer, H., et al. (2005). Mental health of children and young people in Great Britain 2004. London: Palgrave

Office for National Statistics (2016) Selected children’s well-being measures by country

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